30 minute Private Cam Show (Yahoo)


Purchasing this item will allow us to schedule a private cam show, using Yahoo. You will need a Yahoo ID in order to use this item! In our private cam show, you will be able to see me on my webcam, and we will communicate using Yahoo chat. If you wish to invite any of your other friends to our cam show, just let me know their Yahoo ID’s once the show starts.

If there are any special items you would like me to have before our cam show (clothes, shoes, toys, etc) please check out my wish list and purchase those items in advance. And if there is anything you would like me to have, but it is not on the wish list, let me know and I will add a version of it to my list.

Once you have checked out my wish list, and we have determined how long it will be before your special items arrive, contact me so we can determine when our cam show will occur. And don't forget to include your Yahoo ID!

My schedule is limited (just like yours) so your show may not occur immediately. I want to make sure that our show is held at a time that works for everyone.



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