At the park


Big Max and Ludus Adonis came to visit me last week. As we spoke about what we could do while they were here visiting me, it came out that Max always wanted to try the public sex thing. Well, that is one of my biggest things, so of course I said “let's do it!”.

We got into my mini-van and started looking for a place. It was getting late (almost dusk) so when I saw a park, we pulled right in. There were a few cars in the lot, but no kids in the playground, so I thought it would be perfect. Sure, someone walking their dog might get a free show, but being seen and getting caught is half the fun!

Max pulled out his big black dick, and I was on my knees as soon as I noticed it. We proceeded to play outside until I came a few times and he decided to bust his nut inside me on a picnic table. We didn't get caught, but it sure was a lot of fun.

All the action was caught on video, and here it is on this clip for you to enjoy!

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