Double Cream Pie for Harmoni


I needed my DFW Knight fix.  I invited him down for the night and dressed in a more subtle outfit than usual.  We met at a local sports bar for a drink and within five minutes my hands were all over him.  We finished the drink and went to our room.

Will and I take our time like the familiar lovers we are and both of us get very worked up.  I admit whispering that I needed to take all his cum in my pussy.  I also made sure he knew that I was not on any birth control that night!  That made him more excited than I thought possible.

We kiss and then I get on my hands and knees to take his already hard cock into my mouth.  I suck him as long as I can before I have to fill the burning desire that is between my legs.

Will barrels his cock into my soaking wet pussy, pounding me in various positions until overwhelmed with passion, he shoot a huge load into my now gaping cunt.  We relax for a bit, but Will has more in store for me.  He starts fucking my cum filled pussy-  shoving his hot it further and further up my unprotected birth canal.  Soon he shoots another load into my overflowing fuckhole.  

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